My downloaded overlay is humongous!

I uploaded an overlay of movie theater seats and I’ve used other OL’s that i’ve uploaded but for some reason this one is HUMONGOUS. It’s so large even when using the OL helper I can’t make it small enough to use. I can’t even see it on the screen unless I zoom out first and then I can only see part of it because its so large. Do I need to shrink the file or something? Why is this happening? you can see how far i had to zoom out to even see part of the overlay.


im downloading more OL’s from the same person and i think it’s something they did with the file. im not having those problems with any other ones i just uploaded.

I can’t see the screenshot, but by chance are you using the black background from Episode’s catalog. For some reason overlays don’t work well with those backgrounds. Your overlay should be the same size it was when you previewed it when adding it.

oh, idky the screenshot doesnt work lol. i found the OL on a linktree drive. it didnt have a black background tho, it had no background or the checkered transparent background when i view it on my comp.

I meant is the background your using in your script a black one?

oh! yeah it is. is that why?

Yes, that is why. The Episode black backgrounds don’t work with overlays well. (It can be done, but is more work than it is worth.) Best thing to do if you want to use a black background is to just make a new black background yourself.

Thanks a lot! I tried it with another background and you were right. That’s super weird. lol Thank you. :):smile:

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