My Entry for Unexpected Contest


Here is my entry for the Unexpected contest :rose:

Author: Rose :rose:
Title: UL: Beautiful Disaster❤‍🩹
Genre: Romance/Drama/Mystery
Description: She tries to change her life to escape her painful past, but her love story continues to haunt her.
Deep inside, she knows that her heart cannot deny that it still beats for her…

:sparkles:The MC is pansexual 2 love interests (male and female)
:sparkles:Limited CC for the MC and her LIs
:sparkles:Full CC for her best friend and her LI​:eyes:
:sparkles:A Lot of arts scenes (all made by me​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
:sparkles:Simple choice/Dressing game
:sparkles:Gems choice to unlock some art scene and bonus I will remove them at the end of the contest!
:sparkles:Link: Episode Writer Portal
:sparkles:My insta @epi_rose31
I hope you will enjoy reading it :point_right::point_left::pleading_face::heart:


Congrats on publishing :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Thank you :blush::two_hearts:

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Congrats on publishing :grin:

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Thank you :blush: