My Episode App didn't update and my account won't show up

My Episode app had a problem for 2 months. It started last December 20, 2019 when my profile, daily rewards, the stories i have read and other people’s profile won’t show up. So i contacted the Episode team to let them know my concern, i contacted them twice already, one in December before christmas and las month, January. And i saw the App in play store that the app had been update this February, but mine is still on christmassy type icon. So i don’t really know what to do know, i begin to loose interest because of i need to re-read all the stories i liked and loved.

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Do you have an old phone? Old softwares may not support the new update of the app.

My phone is actually new though

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Moving this to Report a Bug Mobile App. @dka I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to our support team so they can look into this issue. :smiley:

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Oh. Sorry. My bad :sweat_smile: Thank you!

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