My episode app doesn't have music/sound. :(

It’s been like this for like a year, and I guess I got so used to it it didn’t bother me and thought everyone just stopped using music and sound. Well, turns out thats not true, and I tried a bunch of things, deleted and redownloaded the app, searched through the episode and the iphone settings to see if I can find something there, closed and opened the app a bunch of time and nothing works :confused: I sometimes hear ads, but not anything in stories. I’ve been reading without sound for a year lol. What should I do?

I would definitely recommend trying stories out on another device with the same account to see if the problem is linked to your account or your device but either way, it wouldn’t hurt to submit a support ticket to the episode team to see if they can fix the problem for you or suggest possible solutions.


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No worries! I hope your issue gets sorted out (:

if you have iphone and you have switch on the little button on left side (on top of sound buttons) that will prevent sounds in the apps, so maybe that’s the reason?

(random iphone from google xd)

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Hii yessss I just realized that yesterday and I feel so stupid lmao I was on mute the whole time :laughing::laughing: thanks!!

And wow I also just realized you’re the author of EX-TERN i adore that story keep up the good work 🫶🏼✨

Thank you dear, happy you like it :3 and I’m glad you found out the issue :>