My episode app doesn't open!

I tried to open my app last night and when I click the app my screen becomes grey for a few seconds and then it disappears and it won’t let me in. I tried to uninstall the app and install it again (2 times I tried) and it still doesn’t work, I turned off my phone like 3 times and nothing.
What can I do??


Your best best would be to submit a support ticket.

Here are some solutions.
• Have you tried to updating the app or your phone? Sometimes that is the solution.
• Or you can try to restart your phone. (I know you said you turned off your phone. But restarting and turning off have different affects.)
• Some times it’s as simple as tapping on the screen.

Yes I tried to restart my phone and nothing.
I sent them and email let’s see if they answer.

Never mind it works again. It was because I changed the language in my phone into another that wasn’t English but then when I changed it back to English the app started working again.