My Episode Cover


Is my Episode cover too “sausy” to be accepted? just want to know in case I need to make any changes to it.

sorry for the watermark i just dont want anyone to steal it.

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they would reject it because of “nudity” and something sexual. So, u might want to cover up your characters.

Story Card Guidelines - In addition to all of the below guidelines, the following guidelines apply to story cards:

  1. No implication that characters are having, have had, or are about to have sex. This includes (but is not limited to) any actual or implied nudity, a bed scene with more than one person, depiction of one or more characters who are sexually touching themselves or one another, images that depict sex work or a sexual act in exchange for compensation
  2. No sexual props or items being used in a sexual context
  3. No nudity, even with censors
  4. No guns
  5. No drug or alcohol use of any kind
  6. No profanity of any kind
  7. No depiction of bullying
  8. No language that relates to racism or racial profiling or stereotypes
  9. Children under the age of 16 cannot be the focus, including any context of overlays and backgrounds (e.g. a closeup of a child on a swing)
  10. No use of the Episode logo

Your story cover may NOT include the implication that two characters are having sex, sexual items being used in a sexual context, nude characters (even with censor bar), guns, drugs alcohol, profanity, scene showing bullying, racist language, characters under 16, or the Episode logo.

Your story cover CAN include two characters being romantic with each other and characters can still be dressed semi-revealingly. They just can’t be fully nude.

Quoting from: The Episode Guidelines as I Understand Them - #25 by alliesepisode


ah! thank you.

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your welcome! Happy writing!

Hi Im sorry is this just in the cover or in the story as a whole.

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It’s the rules for story covers. U can click the link where I got the quote from to look at the rest of the guidelines for your story.

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@Sydney_H Hi! Please close the forum. Answer resolved :slight_smile:

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