My episode interactive story has an error an i don't know what it wants me to do

my episode interactive error says expected character or scene change. Found “I look perfect” instead. did you forget to capitalize the name, or close the ( ) around the animation

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Can you post a ss of the lines where it says the error is or copy them here?

that is what the error says

Can you screenshot your code?

Delete line 3 - there must be no empty line between the character and the line of dialogue
Capitalize KIARAH - the script names must always be all uppercase
Between line 20 and 21 you’re missing the character who says the line “I look perfect”. I suppose it is KIARAH, so it should look like this

I look perfect

Also, don’t end the script with a background change or it will give another error

Capitalize her name eg.

@KIARAH goes to character avatar

KIARAH (animaton of your choice)
I look perfect

another error

Make sure to put a } on the line after goto changing_appearance :blush:

another error

can you guys help me with this error