My episode is crashing once I open the app

This is an on going thing that’s been affecting both my iPad and my phone. First, there was a weekend where I wasn’t able to save my process and then the next day it completely was a different story. I wasn’t able to get on the app and the only thing that kept popping up was that they were unable to save my process. And I keep trying to get into my account because it have about 48 to 38 passes on it and it has all of my stories I started on it. And I’m mad and fusterated because when I defer it and re download it, it still doesn’t work. I have my support ID and my password and my code, but I just need my episode to work. I love this app but I need it to work. I have anxiety s app would calm be down and make me feel like I can do what I can do when I want. And now since I don’t have this app working any,ore it’s hurting me I’ve been playing since it came out and not once has it did this to me I need help, so please helppppppp.

Also here’s another screen shot of the proof that I have my ID

Send a ticket about this problem, it’s likely that it will take a while for a response but they might be able to help in some way.

I have been having the same issue. However my passes and gems haven’t been restored, nor has my progress been saved. Every time I mention it in my open ticket, Episode ignores my concerns and just tells me to check out the forum. It’s so frustrating

Check your internet and your iphone/ipad storage
Try restarting device
Try unistalling then reinstalling
Get in touch with episode

I’m having a similar issue - my stories keep replaying the pilot even tho I’ve passed that - I’ve deleted - reinstall nothing is been saved

Hey everyone!! Who ever is having this issue u are so NOT ALONE! Its been a year since its been giving me this error how ever i contacted episode numerous of times regarding this issue through out the year. They had me delete the app shut my phone off then reinstall it & it still does not work. They claimed to have restore my game state and try everything again, still doesnt work. They then said it was a BUG and then told me i had to factory reset my device and download episode and start ALL OVER! I was supper upset because they have no idea how many stories that was read and how many passes that was used to get to where i was. Im very dissapointed that till this day they have not fixed this issue meanwhile they had so many updates with bug fixes then this particular BUG isnt fixed​:rage::rage::rage:.