My Episode Lover

This story is amazing. This channel is just to talk about how amazing it is.


Yeah, I read this when it was still releasing episodes. It’s really good. One of my favourite stories! :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten to the end yet, but it’s really good

Yeah. It’s so good! :+1:t3:

Like there is so much drama, but it’s also a romance

Yeah, I really enjoyed it.

And Weirdo though LoL


I can’t. You can only write from a computer. I don’t have a computer. I would do it, if you could write from mobile

I loooooved this story, it was the first story I read a lot of chapters on because I had the infinite passes for two days, and I read all 60 episodes, but then 2 new ones were added, and omw, my life was complete :sob:

It was also the first story that made me cry…


Like Weirdo knows everything, great at hacking, got kidnapped, reappeared ( secretly) amazing

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I can’t wait to finish it

Yeah, she was a bit weird - guess that’s where her name came from lol.

Weirdo was a girl. Totally weird- hence the name- but cool



It was the second story from Anneliese that I read, after Loving The Wrong Guy (also a fave). I looooooooved that story so much. It was so hard to leave.

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I guess this proves that you can’t judge a book from its cover. I read the title and description thinking it wasn’t for me, but I see these good comments about it, and I have a lot of passes, so I might binge…

Lol, before I didn’t know how cliches sounded like, so I guess if I would have barely known about it now, I wouldn’t give it a try either, since the description sounds less intriguing than how the story really is. At first I even thought that the story was about having a lover on Episode, like we meet a reader, and talk to them, and then fall in love. Which is why I didn’t give the story a try when it was Trending a long time ago, but once I read the Loving A Wrong Guy, I gave her other story a try. IT. WAS. AMAZING. I reread it three times, lol. :+1:

I love this story! I read it a while ago I might re read it since I have a new phone.

Weirdo is the best character and no one can tell me anything else

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I’ve started this story and I’m already loving it:)