My episode stories are restarting by itself

Every time I open episode and click on a story in my favorites its restarts the story back to the beginning. I only had 2 more episodes left on a story so when I left the app and came back in the story was back to the beginning. It happens to ome of the stories I am almost finished with.

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If you post about it on the bugs section of the forum or send in a support ticket, the team will probably be able to let you know how to fix it!


Just send in a support ticket. A similar thing happened to me a couple of months ago and the fix was pretty simple. They’ll most likely ask you to delete your app and reply to their email when you do. Once you do that, they’ll perform a restore on your app before notifying you that you may reinstall your app again.

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Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App. @starr222 Like the others suggested, you can submit a help ticket to the support team. They’d be happy to help you. :smiley:

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Hello! I’m also experiencing the same problem. And it’s been a week, this is the third time it’s happened. All my favorites starting over from the beginning. I’ve sent in a ticket

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I have the same problem.which is the database for android got missing some ellements…

I’ve restarted the same story 6 times now and I even sent a ticket but it did not help. Now all my stories restarting when the author uploads a new episode for the story and when I leave and go back into the app

i sent a ticket because i was having this problem and they told me to delete the app so i did but i was just wonder how long it takes for them to fix the problem so far it’s been a week

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Try to sent it again , because they help you the fastest way they can :+1:t2::blush::thinking:

thanks you

Any time :blush:

Did you got it fixed? I have a similar issue and I have been waiting but still no response.

It took a lot of time but they fixed it. I just kept messaging them