My Episode Story Idea

I’ve always wanted to create an Episode story about those vampire cheerleaders since I’ve been thinking about, so the title for my possibly first Episode Story would be called “Vampire Cheer Squad.”

Any thoughts about this?


I think the name sounds bland, but the idea is good


Maybe, Vamp Champs? Idk I’m not good


Title is good, that sounds like the kind of story that would benefit from showing the premise up-front like that.

The premise is decent, whether the story is good will depend on what you do with it, it could go either way. Seems like you don’t have many plot points yet, so a planning guide might help you out get the idea off the ground (idk any planning guides because I don’t plan lmao, bad habit :joy: )

A few stray ideas for an overarching plot, feel free to use or not use any of these, I'm not using 'em lol
  • A different take on the classic sports-team trope, they’re trying to win a cheer competition but definitely trying not to get themselves discovered as vampires, so they have to carefully act only slightly better than human cheerleaders
  • One cheerleader has a human crush and the whole squad tries to help them get together (maybe this one particular cheerleader is a very old vampire, a very new one, or one who starts out as a human in the early chapters but is changed)
  • An episodic story where each episode follows the squad on one particular teenage adventure (studying for a test, driver’s test, going to a party, etc).

Those three are great ones, but my own version for this is when the sixth cheerleader goes missing, the vampire cheerleaders have no choice but to recruit a new one from the B Squad to join their vixenous ranks, even if it means turning her into a vampire.

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Ahh, there ya go, already got plot direction. :+1: One step aheada me lol.

Sounds like a good idea, happy writing! :grin:

i like it

Just when I thought my first version of the story summary form Episode Story Idea was a bit too short, I decided to extend it as a second version of sorts

The Castleberry High School cheerleading squad has a dark secret: Behind all their pretty faces and cheerleading outfits are six hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit!

When one of their own turns missing, the Vamp Champs have no choice, but to induct one of the Sophomore girls from the B Squad into their vixenous ranks. Siring new recruit Bonnibelle Baker may be the easy part, but keeping her from turning her into a vamp-gone-wild and draining the entire basketball team on the eve of the big homecoming game is another matter!

Any thoughts on this?

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