My episode story

I’m currently in the process of doing a trailer for my episode story Sacrificing For You, and I don’t know how to upload a video here so unless someone can tell me :sweat_smile: I will upload it to my Instagram @epi_luisa

I honestly don’t know. But tag me in your instagram post so I can check it out!

Alright will do!

whats ur insta?


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bet!! im action blocked until dec 4th but if u dm me ( ill def check out ur acc!!<3


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There’s a page ( that let’s you convert a video into a gif. This is the only way cou can upload it to the forums I think :thinking:

Thank you for the suggestion. C:

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Can you tag me when you post your trailer on Instagram? I’d love to see it! My Instagram: @e.p.i._jade

Sure! C:

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