My episode VIP is gone...Help!

Hi! My episode VIP is missing. Can someone tell me if this has happened to them. I have been renewing every week and last week the app didn’t have the VIP selection. I don’t know what’s going on.:frowning:

the VIP sale got removed from the app. we cannot use it anymore

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Boo!! Thanks for letting me know😊

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Not true!

VIP subscription is still available on Episode app but now it’s a monthly subscription instead of weekly.

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most people and myself got a message saying the perk would be removed. it was available for a while and then they removed it. but i guess not for everyone. you are lucky

I also got a message that it will be removed and this popped out few weeks later after “removing” VIP so idk :woman_shrugging:t2:

I guess they are probably testing it out, it is definitely a better deal than last time. :face_with_monocle:

Well all I know until they add all stories I will not be purchasing it. For the last two years I have purchase unlimited passes but I like to read community stories.

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I bought the vip package and I still have to watch ads… is this normal?

It is, but it’s not okay if you pay for it. :confused:

sometimes there’s a glitch. try exiting and entering the app again or just click on watch ads and it might take u to the episode ad-free