My episode VIP is gone...Help!

Hi! My episode VIP is missing. Can someone tell me if this has happened to them. I have been renewing every week and last week the app didn’t have the VIP selection. I don’t know what’s going on.:frowning:


the VIP sale got removed from the app. we cannot use it anymore


Boo!! Thanks for letting me know😊

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Not true!

VIP subscription is still available on Episode app but now it’s a monthly subscription instead of weekly.


most people and myself got a message saying the perk would be removed. it was available for a while and then they removed it. but i guess not for everyone. you are lucky

I also got a message that it will be removed and this popped out few weeks later after “removing” VIP so idk :woman_shrugging:t2:

I guess they are probably testing it out, it is definitely a better deal than last time. :face_with_monocle:

Well all I know until they add all stories I will not be purchasing it. For the last two years I have purchase unlimited passes but I like to read community stories.

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I bought the vip package and I still have to watch ads… is this normal?

It is, but it’s not okay if you pay for it. :confused:

sometimes there’s a glitch. try exiting and entering the app again or just click on watch ads and it might take u to the episode ad-free

So I just switched my phone from an android to iPhone and I lost all my content since for some reason you can’t restore anything from android to iOS which sucks….since I had to start over how do I get the vip package again???

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If you made a profile using Google or Facebook you should be able to log back in. But if you have your old phone still, get I’m on it and create one! Or go to settings to restore from another device;-) because I thought the same thing. And since then I’ve used my fb to log in when I switch phones

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Yeah I logged in with my Facebook but when I try it tells me I can’t because my old phone was an Android and my new one is iOS ugh

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Ooooh crap that’s crazy. Man I’m sorry I thought it would work.

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Sooo my VIP renewed but for some reason the last 5 days I haven’t been able to collect my gems and passes. If I click get VIP, it tells me I’m already subscribed!! Like ugh this is irritating. Anybody else having this issue?

Yeah I’m so mad at I’ve been playing it for 4+ years I had a lot of gems and tickets and I was subscribed so I was getting daily gems and tickets which now I’m not and i was reading several stories that now I have to start over it’s super frustrating but thank you anyways :blush:

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Yea I’m like wth I’m paying and still can’t get my daily gems ugh. So now I’m watching ads again ans my passes are running low😩