My episode won't remember the (NAME) command?

Just please, help

What do you mean?

I published 1-3 and am currently writing 4, but when i go to preview it it says NAME instead of the name that the readers wrote in.

Btw, can I see your script?

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If you’re on the web previewer, and you can’t play the chapter where the CC is, so it will say NAME.

Test the whole thing on the app, and it should work fine.


I don’t use web previewer, it won’t let me anyway. I only test it on the app.

Hang on.

Show the script where you can select the NAME input.

Show the script, in episode 4, of you telling NAME to do something.

Do you have the characters script name set to NAME?

I believe it is supposed to be a bracket instead of a paranthesis? Idk, in my scripts there are brackets. Idk if they even make a difference.

I’m not telling NAME to do anything I’m mentioning her in a sentence. and when they type in the name they want it’s in episode 3. and yes I have the characters script name set to NAME

Shouldn’t name be in square brackets?


Yeah, that’s what i thought too

They are brackets in my scripts

they haven’t had to be in square brackets the first 3 episodes I used them.

You can try submitting a ticket…

okay i guess, Idk why it isn’t working when it has before.

Try it, and see if it works.

It’s in square brackets in my script and it’s perfectly fine.

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I tried in square brackets [NAME] doesn’t change it