My episode wont show up in my mobile app


I created and am writing my episode currently and I will have to use the mobile creator part of the app for spotting… but my story wont show up on my phone.

What do I do?

What’s wrong?



Are you logged in?


Yes, my other episodes show up but the one I actually am working on.


I’ve heard of other people having this issue, and as long as you are using the same email account for the portal and the app you should see the story.
Some people have said that you need 3 chapters in order for the story to appear in the app, however, one of my stories has less than 3 chapters but I can view it.
My only suggestion would be to submit a support ticket to avoid accidentally messing up anything in the app (by deleting and reinstalling it).


I have another story that only has 1 chapter that I can view on the app, so I don’t the 3 chapters is true. But I will take your advice thank you!


Might want to consider submitting a ticket for this as well. Good luck!