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Hi everyone so I noticed many of you all dislike mafia stories
So I am making a story and I want people to like it so the story is about:
Aliya who meets a boy Logan who is no good for her
So Aliya’s dad is a detective who is trying to find a gang who sells lost cars and Logan uses Aliya to make her trust her and the gang and to make sure the cops stay out of their way so
I was wondering if this story plot is good? Please tell me

i think it’s pretty good actually but maybe sum it up a bit more? like “Logan, a gang member, uses Aliya, as her dad is a detective, to keep him and his gang out of the polices radar.“

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also if you need any help with writing, making character overlays and art pm me! I’d be happy to help you with your story :blob_hearts:

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Sure I will pm you when I need help

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