My fake friends ( I need advice )

So this might be sensitive to some people. I dunno whether it would be or not or whatever, but it’s oretty sensitive to me.

Last night, I asked my friend…let’s call her potato…what she wanted for secret Santa. She responded with what she wanted, then I asked her what she wanted from Barnes and Noble, because I’m in a group of readers. She responded with some books, but then she said she never wanted any of that Barnes and Noble crap. I said too bad because that’s what you’re getting. I was going to get her a stuffed Hedwig owl thing and a drawing of Billie Eilish I did myself…

Anyway, she got extremely mad and started to call me a little spoiled brat from another universe and a selfless bitch. I didn’t think that she was serious and I thought she was joking because she was at a sleepover and we’re notorious for prank texting people at sleepovers.

Then she started to get mad at me and sent me a picture of my pfp. She said that I looked so perfect and innocent, but I acted like the biggest brat in the universe. I still thought this was a joke…

Then I was added to a group chat and…let’s call her Quackson…she said “ Okay Olivia. Stop being such a little bitch “

I still thought this was a joke, so I continued to respond sarcastically. Then I started to come to my senses and I left the chat.

I told my friend, let’s call her Bilbo Bacons. I told her everything and sent her schreenshots…then I started to cry.

I was later added to the group chat and Potato and Quackson texted “ Do you believe us yet? “ and “ You better “ I obviously left because…well, yeah.

I send the screenshots to Bilbo Bacon of that also. I was added to the group chat once more and Quackson sent this…

“ Ok so you are honestly going to make this situation worse. If you don’t respond you are going to have to deal with me on Monday. “

I’m making the situation worse?

Anyway, Quackson also texted me,

“ What the crap? You’re seriously going to ignore this? “

I blocked them after that. She sent me a snap saying,

“ Why won’t you respond “

I’m telling the principal tomorrow. Definitely. I just…I don’t even know what I need advice on. I don’t know how I’m going to tell the principal. How I’m going to talk to them. Everything, really…

The worst part about all of this is that I actually thought they were my real friends. That they would never stoop this low. Potato and Quackson are so nice. Were so nice…

@Moderators, I’m sorry if this is a violation of the rules.

Thanks for your help in advance. I really appreciate it…


as an adult who has had very many bad friends. go tell your parents right now. your friends will properly call you a snitch for it. but trust me to let your parents know. if they are at least decent parents they will do something. and make sure if it continues. keep telling them. if you stop. they will think it stopped. keep mentioning it to them every time. make it so that they get tried about you telling them that you are getting bullied by your so-called friends

also, cut those friends out of your life. having no friends is better than having toxic friends. toxic friends only lead you down a bad road. there often end in you hating yourself. or worse you hurting yourself or others


Thank you for your advice. I plan on telling my parents, but I’m waiting for the right time. Right now isn’t because they’re still asleep, but I definitely have to tell them. I’m just sort of scared on how they will react…


Well I think that you should go ahead and tell the principal. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, talk to someone else who you trust and can help you. Maybe your parents or an elder sibling, or maybe some other close relative. Honestly, to me it feels like they were never your real friends. You deserve true friends :blue_heart:


Thank you. I really do want to tell the principal and I will…but I think I might tell a teacher I trust…

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well it can go all the way from. they never allowed to talk to you again. to they think its nothing and you are to dramataik (hopefully not this bad )


Yeah, maybe telling the teacher will be easier, cause you may be much closer to the teacher that you are to the principal. Just make sure you don’t face them alone, ok?

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My principal takes bullying very seriously. I really hope they learn their lesson and are suspended for a day. I know it’s mean to say that…but it can’t be ruder than what they said to me…right?

That’s the thing…I don’t want anybody who wasn’t involved to get involved with me. It’s not their situation, so why should they have to visit the principal because of it?

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That’s terrible. Like literally stupid and inhuman.

I actually have an ex friend doing the same thing, she asked my friend to add her and me in a chat(cauz I blocked her) and said she is gonna “solve things”, but she then say that’s it’s all my fault and she knows that I apologize multiple times(I didn’t, and I never did anything worng.) and called me b**chand stuff.
She called me names and stuff in front of people all the time and I don’t even know how this started. She just suddenly hates me one day. She tells everyone that she apologized to me multiple times(she didn’t) and I’m just mean and people actually believe her.

You should tell your parents about it, it’s called cyberbullying. They can go to jail for it. Also cut them out of your life. You don’t need them around to harass you. If this gets worst, ask your parents to change school.
I hope it gets better for you.


Girl, they sound like a bunch of immature brats. I don’t see how you’re a ‘spoiled brat’ in this situation, since you actually had the decency to ask her what she wants for X’mas, and then buy them later yourself. If anything, she’s the spoiled brat. Leave this bunch and move on to better friends. Do tell a teacher/the principal/your parents - any adult who has the capability to handle this and keep you safe - if they make more threats. Good luck :purple_heart:

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Thank you. Cyber bullying is definitely a crime. I probably won’t switch schools because 1) I’ve been there since kindgarten and just…too many memories. 2) All my real friends are there 3) My parents would never do that because our school is one of the best schools in the state. Lucky me…

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Well then maybe you shouldn’t involve other people. But you did say that one of them said that you will have to deal with them on Monday right, so it seems better to not be by yourself just in case. I’m not saying that they’re gonna physically hit you or anything, but I am saying that to always have someone to back you up. Maybe a teacher. After all, better safe than sorry, right…

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Thank you. I appreciate your words. The weird part is that when I asked her and said what I was going to get her, she said this on the chat

“ You asked me but when I told you what I wanted you decided you were gonna get me what YOU wanted “

I’m really confused by that…

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Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of ‘spoiled brat’ if there is one. The irony.

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True. I’ll ask my friend. I understand if she’s hesitant because who wouldn’t be? I think if they try to hurt me, it won’t work. Our hallways are always crowded and teachers are around every corner.

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she is an ungrateful friend. you say thanks to a gift. if you want it or not. if she acts like this tell her she doesn’t deserve a gift for acting like this.

I bet ya she have properly not got you anything. or she did not care half as much as you have

I know cause I have a bunch of very ugly painting my artist friends have made me.

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if something happens scream. scream loud. dont be embarsed.

and dont leave the school ground with them. dont walk home alone they may hurt you after school

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@line123462, @viviwrites, @Whispering_Flower, @Silver_Shadow.

Thank you for your kind works of advice. I really appreciate you helping a complete stranger that you met on the internet. I have just a little over 11 hours before I have to go to school. Wish me luck.


Good luck! You’re strong, you can do this :wink:

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