My Fantastical Story and share yours

Hi People.
I wrote a story for the Fantastical contest.
I would really appreciate it if you read mine and feel free to add your entry in this thread

Name: The Prince And his Mermaid
Genre: FantasyFantastical_The_Prince_And_his_Mermaid_posterThumb_KyzELCFGvr%20(1)
Episodes: 3(ongoing)
Author Name: Raeesa
Style: Ink
Description:A Prince who wants to marry for love, not responsibility. A Mermaid Princess whose kingdom gets taken away by an evil and escapes to the human world. what happens when they meet?

Author Instagram: @episode.raeesa

Thank you

Title: Superhuman
Author: Episodebykiara
Genre: Action
Episodes: 3 but only read 2
Style: Ink
Description: An alien invasion is coming, only solution is to turn humans into superhumans.image