My Fantasy Story - A Siren's Prophecy Revamp! I'd love to hear feedback!

Hi everyone! I released a story nearly a year ago called: A Siren’s Prophecy.
I have recently revamped the story to correct any errors and add more scenes and depth to my story. I’d really appreciate it if anyone would check it out, and I’m happy to hear feedback.

Title: A Siren’s Prophecy
Genre: Fantasy (includes mystery, drama, and romance - there is an option at the end of no romance.)
Episodes: 28 (complete - no gem wait)
Style: Limelight
Other content:: Choices, Point System, Art scenes, and some Bonus Scenes.
Story Description: Ligeia is a siren born into a world where her race is described as evil and banned from singing. The reason? No one knows. Will Ligeia unlock the ability within her which may change the world?
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Art: Rowenj_epi
My Instagram: Em_stories14
My other story: Race You To The Finish Line (Romcom)


I’m going to check it out now !! :heart:

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Thank you! :heart:

Do you know of a story that involves a girl going to a college for people that are enchanted creators then she finds out later that she is a siren herself and is the long lost princess of a realm that’s been take over by an evil lady? This girl that you play as is also dating the son of zues, and at one point she gets taken by pirates. If you could help me find it that would be great!

The story you’re looking for might be “a modern fairytale.”

OMG YES!!! Thank you so much! I have been searching for days! You are wonderful!