My final goodnye

Goodbye, I’m leaving the fourms forever, I hope everyone is happy about the times we had
I just am working on stuff, and taking some anti depressants well I’m bout to,
but I just want to leave, there’s probably going to be someone else or something
@Abimations4 is the only one I talk often on disc
No I am still working on my stories, but I am saying my goodbyes, dont cry I’ll still be with you
we can get together in touch in discord
sorry it isn’t long but i hope you understand! bye! love you guys!


Goodbye, and I wish you the best in life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awh good bye :wave: we will miss you! :heart:

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Goodbye :blue_heart:

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I’ll miss ya around here but I’ll still see you on discord
Good luck with everything as well :purple_heart:

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You are always welcome back to the forums. Good luck!