My First Art Cover

So I decided to make my own art cover and I don’t know if it looks good or not so I need opinions :confused:

Does it look okay? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s good. Try adding more. It kinda looks plain

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Try to make the character seem a bit bigger overall it great

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It’s not really supposed to be a big thing it’s just a short story so I didn’t want to make much of it but I I will when I do my ink stories but thanks :heart:!

Thanks :heart:!

Looks good maybe try to make her larger and add a few more things so it doesnt look bare

People may not want to read it if it doesnt catch their eye

Okay thanks!

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Even if it’s a simple story you still need it to make it catch someone’s eye. If it’s plain people will think it boring or empty. If the cover is nice it will catch someone’s eye and make them wanna play it. :grin:

I supposed that is true :sweat_smile:. But do you have any suggestions of what I should put?

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What’s the story about?

It’s just about a girl who’s in highschool, more of the nerdy type… And she’s bullied at school, whereas her parents are totally oblivious to it and she has to deal with it.

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If you explain what the story in about in the cover (I dont mean putting it in text I mean explaining by the art itself.)

I’m a bit confused :confused:

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Like with the title ?

I don’t really know how explain but if she’s getting bullied explain it within the art itself. Does that make sense?

Like in the cover it just looks like a sad girl
U can’t tell what’s happening at all

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Ohh okay I get it! Thanks :heart:!

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Why don’t u make the bully in a mean pose or have the parents i the corner laughing having fun
Oblivious to what’s going on

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