My first background

Title says it all


Looks great !!!


It’s pretty good! I make backgrounds so this is nice! To help with white lines and making something have a full transparent background, like on the left and right loveseats, I recommend using!

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Thx! Those white lines are so annoying

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I totally get it :joy: But that is SUCH a lifesaver!

I tried the bg saver and I love it!
I made a kitchen bg


I do too! It looks a lot cleaner and way less lines! Good job!! :clap: It looks great! :grin:

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Tysm! You are very nice :smiley:

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this is awesome!! keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Ty!! <3

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Nice! The sofas look a bit out of place, since there’s no shadow. But DANG! That looks great!
How did you make it? What program or website did you use? That turned out amazing!
keep up the good work! And wow, I can’t wait to see how much better you get when you improve!

Thank you for your kind words! Much love :heart: :blush:
Since I have a chromebook, most sites arent compatible
I use picsart from the google play store, and like callme.epy reccomended, I now use bg remover to remove my background.

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I’m on a chromebook, too!
That’s cool! I’ll check those out. Thanks!

Np, glad I could help!

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It looks amazing! Just the little white lines on the chair legs what is making it a 8/10 but if they were not there then 10/10 :yellow_heart:

Thanks! :smiley:

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Both backgrounds look amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:,just keep going with ur work girl :yay: :blob_hearts:

Wow, great job! :heart: