My First Cover - Feedback/Suggestions?


i used to do a lot of photoshop but with real people (non-animated) and i don’t usually do this lol. this is my first time making an episode cover, and i know it sucks, but does anybody have any feedback and suggestions? i want to make it look better, so anyone with suggestions please let me know lol x!

btw this is my first time so i want constructive criticism not people just saying it’s bad :stuck_out_tongue:
i have a lot to work on but this is my first time and i did it in like 5 minutes haha
(don’t judge on the gun!! i didn’t know where to put it so i just put it on a random spot on her hand oops)


I love it! I really attracts the readers, especially the title!


I actually think that this makes a really good cover. I love that it really grabs the attention of the readers. It’s great!


thank you so much!! :blue_heart:


thank you so much!! :blush:


I don’t get it… you want us to give you destructive criticism, yet you don’t give us anything to criticize…


Lol! Yes it is so good.


@MadisonW @MaliyahArtsy thank you so much! :heartbeat:


Actually one suggestion, but it doesn’t apply that much. If you make covers, or backgrounds for other people download PicsArt which is completely free for editing or if to add a watermark so no one steals it! [EX:]


Dayummmm this is fire :fire:


This is amazing!!!


what’s the genre of your story?


action/mystery/drama? it’s not completely done but that’s kind of the theme i was going for


wanna join a art group


thank you so much! :heartbeat:


tysm! :blue_heart:


thank you! i don’t really care if anyone steals it (for some reason?) i already have a small watermark but if i see someone cropping it out and stealing it i’ll call them out :slight_smile: