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@RainbowCat is this better


That is AWESOME!


Thank you


I just think that for the vibe I get that the text color change to something darker


Omg the cover already gives me shivers :joy:

Maybe make the text in another colour so it pops out more.


Hello auntie, what colour do you think?
@RainbowCat @Kalizzza


I think like a navy blue and dark red maybe


Updated ^^^


Yea I really like that


Thank you for your help


No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Share your art / drawings

I have included a poll


I’ve got another idea: maybe put the title up where your name is and put the name to the bottom. but keep the colours as they are in the second picture


i like the font and size of the first one but the color of the second one


If you are going for a horror themed story the second one is geared more towards that imo :slight_smile:


Thank you @Jeremy, it is a mystery story




You might also try a creepier looking font? Just a thought, I definitely agree that maybe a darker/gloomier font color.


I really like the last one most :slight_smile:


I thought the first one looked good but that was due to its vibrancy.

If you would want to give off a mysterious horror vibe, I believe the second one is best as it gives off a murky and dark sort of feeling which I think is a great way to show what your story is about!