My first digitital art try?!(What do you guys think?!)


Hey guys! So Itsssssss been a lot of time that I wanted to try this out, and I decided that today is the day! Aaaand here comes nothing I guess… IT’S A BIT MESSY😅

What do you guys think?:sweat_smile:

*ask me if you wanna use it and give credit! *
+DO NOT STEAL MY WORK :slight_smile:






@Killerfrost @Chesirekitten101 what do you guys think :sweat_smile:?


I love it OMG


Really? OMG thanks so happy to hear that!!!


Also is the art scene ready? :slight_smile: (that’s a bit stressing sorry , but it’s an emergency lol :smile:)


WOW!! That’s so cute!! :heart_eyes: :heart:


Thanks!It means a lot!


It’s SOOOO CUTEEEEE!!! But I can’t go off being Adolf hitler, so this is what I am gonna say
I feel like the features of her face are a lil big compared to her face lol, and maybe shape her body a lil more :heart:


And tnx for tagging meh :heart:


Now that I see it more specifically, maybe it needs a bit of work. Thanks for your opinion!:slight_smile:


No problem!:slight_smile:


That’s real pretty :sparkling_heart::heart:


Thanks so much!it means a lot!


Np just keep practicing and you’ll be taking ppls art request instead of ppl taking yours


You really think so? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Ofc I do we all start that bad and we all have potential and your very welcome


I’m happy to hear that. Maybe I should start working on episode models what do you think?


Yeah I say go for it