My first drawing! Plz criticize it!

I just did my first drawing plz rate and plz share anything I can improve :two_hearts:

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I would shade it a lil more, like where is the lighting coming from??
And if you want it to look realistic… make the proportions of the face more proportional.
If you want it to look animated then leave it the way it is.

I’m sry if I sound rude.

But, I mostly feel like the glasses mess it up i sry. Maybe use a ruler or something straight on the app to make it more realistic



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Okay ty :grin:

Your not rude ty for the tip :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s honestly pretty good for your first I’d add like eyeliner to the eye’s an make it more dark (It’s just my style)

But overall it looks great ! :heart: ew please ignore those eyelashes :poop:


XD thankyou for the advice and those lashes are better than mine :heart:


Thankyou who all responded :two_hearts: and/or voted

@Sydney_H please close this topic :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: