My First "Edit"


At first, I really liked it but now that I see other people’s edits, I wish I could’ve done more with it haha I really just edited the makeup, color of the suit, logo and background. But I was bored and decided to just share this. I was inspired by superheroes, of course! Was also inspired into posting this by seeing everyone else’s other gorgeous edits! :heart:


I just realized I may have posted this in the wrong section. If so, someone please move it!


It looks amazing!


Thank you sm!!


I think it’s in the right section but I’m not sure. Tag either Jeremy or Ryan for info about this :blush:


@clemenlea Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Alright I wasn’t sure! Thank you


Thank you so much :sparkling_heart:


It’s awesome


I love it!


Wanna join episode helpers


We are a source of professional art made by yours truly in no time! We love getting new members as it is a source of joyfulness and gaiety. Our name says it all! We, Episode Helpers are here to help you get more popular in Episode.

As you were probably told in your childhood, it was that it is to never judge a book by it’s cover. And to be honest, I’ve done that many times! How many times have you just barged into a library and forage for a book with lots of colors? Oh, I did that plenty of times! Or once you scrolled down on the Episode app to find a true one-of-a-kind cover to read a story from? That definitely did happen and don’t even deny it, you did that too.

As much as the story plotting and all that matters, creating an art that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing also matters too. Episode Helpers is all about teamwork, fun and more fun and texts that you practically have to run to read! It’s that exciting!

We all have the same goals and dreams when it comes to Episode Forums: to help the community and the environment and make Episode an entertainment area for all who are new to art.

Words and sentences aren’t the only ones who captures hearts… When it comes to Episode Helpers, art does as well. We express our feelings into our art, we make the reader perceive of the emotions swelling deep in the abyss.

“Written by: @Episode.BriarRosestrong text


Thank you!


Thank you love!


Hey! I would love to join sometime soon, but first I really wanna practice my editing before anything :sparkling_heart:


aaaah it looks really good!!! :sob: I really love how you did the shading — it’s so striking but it’s close enough to episode’s style to make it seem natural fjdjjsjdj :cupid:


Ahh thank you! <3 I tried so hard not to make the highlight too bright and I guess it all worked out! Thank you again :heart:


Thank you!


It looks Great!