My first episode artwork is hilarious

Hey guys I created an art Just Now. It took me 30 mins And it’s so scary and hilarious It’s below


hey its good❤

Thanks this means a lot to me!:heart:
I will also put you in my limelight story just tell me the features

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aw thats sweet​:sweat_smile::heart: wait i’l send it

Name: Lonavya

Skin Tone : Rose 03

Brows : Arched Natural Scar

Hair: Double Dutch Braids (black)

Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Black Brown)

Face Shape : Heart Soft

Nose : Round Button Upturned

Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Deep Matte)


Accessories : Watch Face Brown Sable
Diamond Cluster Bracelet Topaz
Necklace Leather Red Praline

Top: Crew T-Shirt Cotton White

Bottoms : Up Jeans Denim Purple Black
Tied Flannel Jacket Flannel Black

Shoes : Boot Matte Leather Black Snake Skin

you can change the oufit if you want❤

Ok I will release the story in January 15 or 16

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I’ve made ur character But I did not changed ur clothes I Would want to change it now but my computer internet’s signal is very weak So I will show you the picture of You Ok?

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Here it is and also I changed ur dress Cause luckily the internet came :stuck_out_tongue:

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also We have the same makeup taste gurl!:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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you got the lip colour wrong😂 its pink deep matte

Opps srry I was also thinking whether I made a mistake in the lip color :rofl: My mistake​:stuck_out_tongue:

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thats ok❤

Here it is :sleepy::open_mouth:

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yess thats ut❤

Finally some rest I am gonna go offline k? I must have to babysit my cousin and who knows What drama will come​:joy::joy:

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Tbh, it’s a lot better than my first one.