My first episode n i'm dead!

I started writing my first episode n this error pops up ,I think I’m about to flip ,pls anyone tell me y this error is popping up ,n how can I fix it !!
pls anyone tell !!

@MElsa try removing the space between @transition and the start of the sentence

did u see the second image where error is displayed ,there they said that we can’t have one char immediately following the other ,do u know what it means ??ANYWAYS ,A BIG THANKS FOR RESPONDING !!

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If you click on the error message, it will take you to where the error is at. There should be a red x on the line of the error.

The error is probably on line 21 (I saw it in the second image), what did you wrote there? :slight_smile:

I think it’s that you don’t need to put in zone 2 for every character since you already wrote @cut to zone 2