My first ever digital art drawing


Tbh this is mu first ever digital drawing.

I just played with all tools and this is what I came
up with. :grin:
What do you think?


I love it!




This is pretty cool, I like the art style


Btw. I have no idea what drawing style is this. I just mixed everything from my head. Lol


It’s your art style, and it’s great


Thanks :heart:


Honestly? You really want me to be honest??? Well, then sorry for you but… IT LOOKS AMAZING! YOU COULD TOTALLY MAKE IT INTO A COVER.


Hahaha thanks,yeah,I will think about making It into a cover. :thinking:


So pretty! :slight_smile:


Srry wanted to scare you xD Jk but freal


Honest opinion? I think the skin looks amazing and this looks good for a first time doing digital art. If you want I do a bit of my own art scenes for my episode, I could give you some tips to make it have your style but a but more realistic. Like you could make the eyes a bit smaller and add in the eyelids and make both sides of the hair look a bit even and seem like there’s a lot of volume. But other than that I say this look good!


You could make the nose bigger, mouth bigger, eyes smaller, eyebrows more realistic other than that it’s amazing


@Helpieme small nose,mouth and big eyes are what make this drawinig not " basic" It’s like a style,close to Anime.


But I will try realistic art next.


I like it! I know people are saying that some things are bigger than others, etc, but if this is your style, do your style! I personally draw big eyes :eyes: lol


I get that it’s her style, but she asked for an honest opinion. I have my own style as well, but if she wants to keep an anime look then it’d be best to start with proportions. It’s a good piece, especially with the detail she put in the skin, when I first did digital I couldn’t even do that. Trust me I’m not doing this to seem rude or picky I’m just trying to give my input and help.


No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to offend you! I’m really sorry that it came out that way! I just wanted to say that everyone’s style is different, and everyone’s style is unique! Proportions are kind of hard for me honestly. :sweat_smile: :heart:


“Beautiful and chic.” :revolving_hearts:


No it’s fine. I have my own style as well and I’ve been doing art for years, so I take any chance I can to put in my advice. @Tijana1 you’ll be an expert in no time! :grin: