My first ever edit/outline

Thank you! Yeah I know the hair is :thinking: um not great. Lol

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No problem

Okay constructive criticism is coming…

hehehe I'm sorry if it's too much

Okay the lines could be a bit straighter, if you use Ibis paint x I would use the stabilizer to 10. To keep the coloring from going out of the outlines I would use the lasso. This needs a bit more shading btw. It looks a little messy too. The colours are great btw I love it :heart: Really cute anyways. If this is too much just know I’m not a professional either :sweat_smile: I’m still a newbie here on the art world. I started with splashes in May or June and now I’m making drawn covers. Really goooooood for a first edit. Mine look awful and I’m probably going to recreate it. One quick question, can I try to create this myself for practice? If so I can pm you the finishing product.
I have another question, did you color/outline with the picture directly under it? If so you might want to create a new layer.

Wow, i’m blown away, just kidding thank you for your honest opinion obviously i’ll try and use these tips, I don’t really know how to shade I guess. if you could tell me here or in pm that’d be great. Alsoo go ahead and recreate it just pm the result cause i’d love to see it!

Thank you :heart:

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I should have told you this :sweat_smile: YouTube has some great tutorials btw

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I already knew so dw


No problem! Happy to help :slight_smile: