My first ever edit


Hello! My name is Amy and I just started doing episode edits and was wondering how to make this better?

(This is for my story Living with a TWIN)


Awesome girl! If you don’t have time for a edit you PM me or come here: I Make Edits! (OPEN - INK & LIMELIGHT) and ask for one.


Awesome you’re very talented


You should join episodes helpers there looking for more people


How does episodes forum work I’m new here


This is really good, especially for you first time :smile: the only part I would fix is the left side of the hair, as it kind of looks like it’s going through her arm. Other than that very minor thing, this is amazing :two_hearts::ok_hand:


So cool!


Tysm :blush:

Heres another one I just recently made :sparkling_heart:


Please join episode helpers




It looks amazing girl!


passes out from the art


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H please close this thread
@Ryan wel miss you :sob:



Topic closed by OP request.