My first ever full body art.. Any comments or advice?

So, I have been an artist for 1-2 years now… But I never drew any full body art because I hadn’t a good device and I didn’t know how to draw feets :joy:
But recently I got my new device and its much bigger and good!! So, I decided that I should give a shot to full body :sweat_smile: ( I saw lots of tutorials on youtube to learn hot to draw feets/foot lol)

Here you can look onto it.

the art

Well, I know forums will ruin the quality a bit but please tell me your opinions and advices!!

I will really appreciate it!! :pleading_face:

Any harsh comments are welcome as well, because I really want to improve! :hugs:


That’s awesome! Your proportions are very good and the shading is wonderful! I can’t really think of anything that I would personally change.

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I think it looks very nice ^^
Maybe the only thing I could say is that the legs could be slightly longer but apart from that I really like it. And the proportions are on point!


Thankyou so much!! :pleading_face:

Okie! I will keep that in my mind!! :hugs:
Thankyou so much! :smile:

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Beautiful :slight_smile:

You know I love your art, @Tesbie28!! :wink: It’s awesome.

thanku! :smiling_face:

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Aww!! thankyou so much!! :heart_eyes:

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