My First New Story

I just made my first new story it’s called SIMulation. I hope y’all enjoy and I don’t have a social media but you can still post your screen shots of my stories on your social media accounts.I’m reading SIMulation. Check it out:


Hey! What’s it about? :smile:

You get trapped inside your favorite video game and there’s a lot of drama building up. I hope you enjoy it’s my first story and the first couple of chapters are a little short but it’s still good.

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Okay, sounds interesting. I’ll definitely check it out. :smile:

I’m new in this community system so I actually ruined my last comment. Anyway I read the first Episode of your story. I really liked the beginning! I can’t wait to continue your story. I’ll send some fanmail, because I don’t want to spoil anything here.

Awwwww thank u so much I’m happy you really enjoyed enjoyed it :joy::joy::joy:

Of course I did enjoy. Great writer and great beginning :wink:

Awww Thank you

I’d rather shop at… Walmart. :smile:
Okay, you got me!!! (Guilty as charged.)
I love your story! It’s absolutely hilarious and I’ve actually never read anything like it. It satisfying to read a story that doesn’t focus on drugs, violence, or you know what.
You’ve got yourself a new reader! :wink:

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:joy: thank you so much yeah she sure is something.

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Hey guys , go check my new story Cheerleader Queen [LIMELIGHT] in

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: