My first Outline!


Hey! So I just drew my first outline! I know it looks crappy…it’s my first…lol
But can I get feedback?


thats good for your first one!

What did you use to make it?


Thank you!
And ibis paint x


try to put line stabilizer on it will help fix the rough lines :wink:


Thank you!


np ^^


It looks great! Here is some feedback:

  • I was noticing that the lips didn’t have a line separating the top and the bottom lip. Maybe that’s something you could fix, or keep in mind for next time…
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  • Like @TriggerWarning mentioned, the stabilizer does help in terms of trying to get straighter lines.
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  • I also noticed that there were some lines that overlapped each other. This could be easily fixed by using the eraser and erasin those lines
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  • Lastly, I noticed that the eyes were a bit uneven, like one of the eyes looked a bit more opened than the other.
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But I’m kind of a perfectionist, so these were all little things I noticed. Overall, this is a great first outline! I hope you will color this outline too! I think It’ll look great!


Thank you!


You’re welcome!


it looks great for a first try :slight_smile: !


Thank you!