My first romance-based story!

Okay, so I have always steered away from writing romance stories mostly because I wasn’t sure how good I would be at writing them. That is until I came up with some ideas that I’d love to turn into a story.

So basically the story is a modern retelling of Cinderella with a few changes. Imagine if Cinderella’s prince was a criminal, her family wasn’t actually abusive to her but they wanted what was best for her and didn’t trust this prince. Her high school boyfriend , now a detective, rescues her from the clutches of criminals and is actually the guy she loves.

So what I need help with is establishing how I can write this romance without making it too fast paced. This story will be like a series, I hope. There’s also so extra information that is need-to-know if you decide you want to help me out.


I can help

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Okay, great!

So where do u want to communicate at?

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I can help you with any ideas you want and we can figure out how to code

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I believe this story may stray a little from the original Cinderella too much

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