My First Splash- Suggestions?!


wig this is so bad uhhh

i made this in 6 minutes (exactly) and it’s really messy? and ugly? but this is my first soo i get a pass hopefully :slight_smile: give me feedback and tell me how to make it better because i really! would like it to be better lol!

also i know it’s not a typical splash like turn your sound up but at the end of my story i’m doing a questions thing where you ask questions like “is ___ a love interest” and etc, but i think it still counts as a splash


Hi! Do u wanna join an art group?? We would love to have you.




Tag: @GirlLykAnn


It looks great! :heart:


what do you use to make this amazing cover


Ikr?? It’s great. Gj @stronglcve


thank you so much!


photoshop cs6!


This is beautiful! :sparkling_heart:


So would you like to join?


Thx I will try it and send you it


You’re welcome. Just stating the facts. I can’t make good splashes at all lol. For your first splash, and just a splash in general, it’s really good. :slight_smile:




Is it free???


Yeah. I am pretty sure


@stronglcve I pm you


@stronglcve can you teach me


no, unfortunately, it can cost a lot depending where you are from. i think it can be about $120 a year, but it is really helpful and has a lot of good features (i haven’t figured them all out though lol)


thank you so much!!