MY FIRST STORY: A writer is needed [CLOSED]

Let me get straight to the point. I need a writer that can code and also help come up with story lines and bounce ideas off of. Its a drama and a little bit of comedy. Im pretty good on the visual aspects of creating a story but writing and coding is something i can do but im definitely not a pro. More details on the story will be released if you want the job in direct message. Thank You.

p.s. if you have written any stories please comment them so I can see if your writing style is fit for my story.

Comment if interested


Hello everyone! I need help writing a new drama in ink or limelight. its about a girl who is coming out of high school and wants to go to college but doesn’t have any scholarships. She cant apply for a student loan and doesn’t have the money to pay herself. What will she do?? :thinking:Help me to figure it out.

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I’m interested. Are you taken?

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no i am not

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That’s great!

@Episode.TayTay would you mind messaging privately for more details about the story

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Of course.