It’s my first story so I hope you like it. And please let me know if you have any suggestions. My stories name is “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. And I need a better cover in my story. Anybody?

Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:

I can help you make a cover if you need one. Here is a link to my thread so you can see some examples:

I checked your covers and they are awesome. I need the cover quickly. Here is the info you need;
Author Name: Lililoly
Genre: Drama, Romance
It’s about a girl who just lost her parents and trying to overcome their death. And then she fall in love with her friend. He helps her a lot.
By the way your covers are beautifull!!!
and do I need to pay?

This is the main character GRACE

this is her crush BRODY

that’s her aunt and she’s a important character she has some secrets she is mean and mysterious but she is in lot of pain

And if you check out on my story I believe the cover would be better:)

I need it really fast

I’ll do it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

I need it like tomorrow

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I’ll do it. But I saw that you requsted on another thread as well. I don’t wanna make a cover just for you not you use it. Please clarify this and I’ll do it as soon as possible and have it up by tonight. :grin:

I’ll use yours anyway. They deliver it in a week and I can’t wait that long.

I really need it fast

Okay, I’ll do it. Jeez girl don’t panic, I’ll do it as soon as possible. :joy:

Thank you sooo much and does it require payment?

Of course not. You thought it required money? :joy:

Well if it did it would be hard i live in Turkey

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That’s cool. I live in America

I guessed that

So thanks for helping with the cover I’ll sleep now its 11pm in Turkey :slightly_smiling_face:

@lililoly You’re already getting a cover and you’re asking for more people and have requested from @Episode-Royalty. :thinking: