My first story dudes!

My first story is out and it has 3 episodes but I’m already working on the fourth. It’s splitted into the genres Comedy, Romance and a lot of drama^^ It’s called “Scum’s Wish” (it’s inspired by the same named anime.) And it’s about a girl and her best friend, Kylie and Noah. Kylie’s heart got broken so she searches comfort in him but there is something off with Noah… find out what it is and read the story! (I get that it’s sounding veeery cliche but it’s really not I promise.) :heartbeat: (my author name is jellybean)

I haven’t read your story, but I hope you haven’t stolen the concept of “Scum’s Wish” the anime. :cold_face: Since that is considered plagiarizing, and you could have your story rightfully taken down.


Haha I didn’t :joy: I just find the concept of distracting yourself from your broken heart with another person really interesting so I wanted to do that but it’s definitely NOT stolen and I take care that there’s my own style. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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