My first story Flight of Passion is OUT! Feedback?

Finally, after weeks of contemplating…I decided to upload my first ever Episode story!
It would mean SO much to me if you guys could give it a read, and leave some feedback :heart:

Title; Flight of Passion
Chapters; 1-3 are out!
Description; In honor of her father, Ashlynn applies to the high school of their dreams! Once she reaches the steps into Thompson Aviation, she faces an obscurity…It’s an all boys high school
SMALL Made by on IG!

LARGE Made by majuandrad on IG!

I’d really like to know what your guys first impressions are on the covers!
This story DOES include LIMITED CC, as well as art scenes (there’s one in episode 1-3)
But in the future, a lot will be coming your way :wink:




Thanks for tagging me and I’ll be sure to give you my thoughts soon!

Thanks for the tag! :heart:

Your story is really amazing :wink:


The story line is awesome, characters are super likable, your use of directing & overlays is advanced perfection! :heart_decoration:

I enjoyed very much and I’m looking forward to more <3

saved! i’ll read it soon!

Thank you so much :sob: I appreciate your feedback! :heart:

No problem :wink:

Okay, so I have had the opportunity to read your story! Well well well, someone made a GEM OF A STORY!

The narrative voice is brilliant, directing is on fleek, the love interests are snaccs, the art scenes are brilliant and you make one hell of a great impression.

Your story is absolutely flawless! This is for sure, a hidden gem!

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Also, I have recorded some of your story for the video edit - I will add actual clips of your story to really show off your directing!

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Days :sob::cupid: You’re so damn sweet and SERIOUSLY you’re boosting my ego for this story, I was so nervous abt it for the longest time :joy::heartpulse:

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Haha, I am glad to give the ego boost because you deserve it! I am so glad you made this story and published it! I have a feeling this story will capture the hearts of readers :heart:

I am really proud of this edit - this is for @Jadlyss’ story and I really wanted to show off the brilliant directing as well as the tenderness of the love the characters show with one another :heart: