My first story! Help

Heyy❤️, my first story will be out soon, and I’d really appreciate if you follow me on my instagram. We can do follow for follow, or for reading your story. I’m really scared that no one will like my work. So if you have some tips dm me. My instagram is @niya.stories


My ig is @silverhazelj
Just followed u. I’m sure there are readers who will like ur story. :smiley:

Thank u sm I’ll follow you back :blush:

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Don’t be. Everyone is going to love your work. This is going to be your very first story. Aren’t u excited? Don’t worry, if you have any errors or anything that will be corrected, we’ll let you know. Don’t be scared, be happy, be cool, be calm, just do your thing. I followed, so I’ll search for your story when it’s out. :sunglasses: :tea:

just added you <3 if you need to talk or discuss anything my DM’s are always open

@lanafrazer_episode omg :tired_face: thank you so much, I really appreciate your support. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. I’m just little bit stuck not 'cause of the coding. But anyways this means so much to me.:heart:

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@noyaan Thank you, for your support and I will. :blush::heart:

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