My First Story Idea, Does it Sound Good?


Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on these forums, but that’s because I’ve created an idea that I’m decently proud of. However, I also have a question. Are we allowed to write stories that contain non-graphic death? I.E. something along the lines of walking into a room and finding a body?

Anyways, my idea starts off a bit cliche. After the main character moves into a new town with their dad to reconnect with their mom, they attend a new school and fit in pretty well. They make friends with a small group, and to the group gets along well. However, the people in this town are hiding a secret. The MC will eventually have to figure it out, however. As the townspeople are being picked off by an anonymous killer.

It’s still in planning as with most ideas but I think if I can write it properly and give it lots of thought it can grow into something a lot more original.

Thank you for your time!


I love it it’s amazing I’m to this but u did great but um text me back maybe u can help me


This sounds really good!! And yes, I’m sure I’ve seen people lying on the floor as dead bodies in Episode. But it definitely is a story I’d like to read, it reminds me a little of Twisted (but then I only watched like the first few episodes of that)


Thank you so much! I was holding off on starting because I wanted to know if I could even make it without worrying about punishment.


What do you need help with?


Writing I don’t think my readers are enjoying it. … Juss really need some one to talk to it about and btw my name is Tasia :sunny:



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