My first story is out

don’t worry you’ll learn more about who Alyssa really is later on in the story :smirk:


Hi guys :slight_smile: I’ve just published my first story and I would be very happy if you could take a look :slight_smile:
I’m also open for R4R :slight_smile:

Story Name : The Deal
Author : Katherine94
Genre : Romance
Status : 3 episodes so far (but more coming soon!)
Style : INK
Description: Dalia lost all the people she loved. Everything changes when she moves to her best friend in California and meets Dean - adrenaline addict.

You may find a link for my story on my profile :slight_smile:

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alright, so I just read the first episode and so far so good though I am noticing that when a character enters/exits a scene they get bigger or smaller. this a VERY common problem and I had trouble with it at first too.

just an example of how to fix that problem

@Katherine94 spot 1.280 900 50 in zone 2

@Katherine94 walks to spot 1.280 900 50 in zone 3

this way they won’t change size as they enter or exit a scene

if you want a character to walk into the first zone


@Katherine94 spot 1.280 -900 50 in zone 1

@Katherine94 walks to spot 1.280 900 50 in zone 1

other than that the story is good and I saw no other problems :wink:

Thank you Nevera :blush: I truly appreciate your help :slight_smile: I’ll try to fix the problem in the next chapter :heart:

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I have read chapter one and will continue soon

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