My first story is published! >.<

Hi!! So I just published my first story and would really appreciate it if you guys gave it a chance! I would love some feedback and advice but please be nice about it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Trifecta

Description: Tamika Eze has always dreamed of super-stardom! After being picked off the street by a hot-shot wannabe diva, the two find another aspiring singer and join a competition tour!

Genre: Drama

Instagram: writnwolph.episode




I’ve just realised my first proper story too
It’s called
Angel of Death
It’s about a young gang leader called Angel
She has gone through a lot and lost her parents
Now she must try to live through all the truths coming at her at once


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Omg I just love the desc! And the cover I’m gonna read it now I’ll tell you how I like it and also your idea is so original!

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Tysm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cool! I’ll give it a read!

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Congrats on publishing your first story! I also have a new story out! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:
Here is my story if you want to read it! (All feedback welcome) :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

Title: This Semester

Genre: Romance

Author: emily_episodeee

Instagram: emily_episodeee

Description: A spoiled-rotten American. A strict British boarding school. In this culture clash, rules will be broken.



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Thank you for this thread.
Title: Mean Business
Genre: Drama