My first story published!


Hi, everyone I just published my first story, whoever wants to review it feel free and if you give me feedback I’ll appreciate it so much :slight_smile: if you’re gonna do it, please PM the feedback :slight_smile:
English is not my first language so because of that I accept any kind of criticism, but be kind and polite!
Also I’ve created and Instagram account: @ luu.episode

Here are some details about my story:

● STYLE: Limelight
● EPISODES: 3 out. more coming soon
● GENRE: Comedy/Drama/Romance
● PLOT: Cleo is in her last year of high school, she’s rich, everything in her life is perfect, nothing is wrong, until Rebecca comes to her life and makes it impossible. Will they two get a along?

  • The protagonist and the co-protagonist are in a situation in which they are forced to make an alliance while pretending to be friends so that their plan works.
  • The protagonist is a female
  • Two male love interest
  • Customization: Limited

● Choices matter?: first three chapters are pilots and the choices not matter much but in the next chapters choices will matter!
● Story link:


Looking good :+1:


I will read of and congrats


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Could you read my story when its out plz


Of course :slight_smile: just let me know when you publish it :slight_smile:


thanks and of you want a desc






Alright if you want :slight_smile:


Its bout the movie Coraline if you know it this is just a warmer up