"My first story" : Scripting help ?!

Can anyone tell me is it possible to change opacity of characters? or how to make them look like they’re teleporting or show up in room in few seconds?


You can’t change the opacity of a character, but you can try this: How to "FADE" Characters

Also, support: FEATURE: Transparent characters!

Teleporting wise, this command: @remove CHAR is good. You’d replace CHAR with your character’s name. This removes the character from the scene. To have them appear again, use: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around) or : HOW TO: Stage Direction (normal positions such as screen left, screen right, screen center, etc). You can also add some overlays (A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS) to the teleportation to make It look even cooler.


Okay i can try to do that i guess i hope it’s not that complicated!

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