My First Story! What do you think?

Hiiiiii everyone, I just posted my very first story π’œπ“‚π‘’π“‰π’½π“Žπ“ˆπ“‰ on Episode. I would love it if you guys would check it out and tell me any feedback you have or any suggestions on how I can make it better.


If you guys enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it, please do share it. Thank you so much. Make sure you tell me how you like it or how I can make it better.

Cover (just in case):

My profile name is Crystal.

About: A story about Jem, who was found in a forest with no memories of what had happened to her or where she came from. She struggles a lot with her life, but eventually finds a nice family that adopts her. 8 years later, she finds out that she is from a completely different planet and that she is the most powerful girl in the universe. How will she save her family and keep her life a secret from everyone?
How will she get through what fate had in store for her?

Instagram: gagen.episode

Thanks again!

Hey, I would love to check out your story. What’s your Instagram so I can send feedback and screen shots :heart:

Hey, thank you so much…but, I don’t have an Instagram. I plan on making one in the future. But, it’s cool if you message me.

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