My first try at cover art

It’s my first try what yall think I know I’m not very good any tips?

The outlines aren’t very good… try using ibis paint x!

You can make the background the 1st layer, then import characters in the 2nd and 3rd layer. If you erase the white around the characters, it won’t erase the background. I used ibisPaint X to make this:

And this!

Thank u I’ll try it

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How’s this?

Yeah! I like that!

@autumn3481 are you going to use the first cover or is it just for practise?

I can help you with a cover if you want I’ve done multiple edits like that :revolving_hearts: just Pm men or DM me on my insta ellie.marie_episode :revolving_hearts: @autumn3481
Here’s an example of my work (some of it’s in progress)

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It was for practice unless I liked it but nah lol

Ill contact you on insta

Can you make one for me?? I need a cover art that shows two girls (one tan, long blond hair, sundress. The other pale, dark medium straight hair, black clothes), being goofy but cutely (theyre a couple). My story is called “I Kiss Girls” read it if you need more information about how they look and stuff

Sure x

Is it limelight or ink ?


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When can you have it ready?

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Soon I just need you to pm me the details x

wait didnt i already give you all of the details? sorry if this sounds mean im not trying to be mean im just dumb and confused lol

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Send me the character details x pm me and I’ll explain x

cant you just go on the story please?

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I can’t I don’t have any passes I’m sorry can u send the details also do you want drawn or edited ? Xx