My first try at cover art


you dont need a pass for the first chapter




Thanks I’ll get that done pronto xx


thank you :). also, is it possible to make the characters more airbrushed and less like just the characters. like what episode does with their original stories?


Do you want me to pm you about it as I have more examples xx




can you just do it on this thread lmao idk how to use pm on this forum im dumb


I think you should use backgrounds without watermarks.

Also, you haven’t deleted some of the previous white background from the characters.

Other than that, it’s really creative


agreed. watermarks are kinda annoying lmao


How about this? X


when can you have it ready?


you need to pm her because this thread will be closed or your messages may be flagged because the convo is off topic. if you want to do an order with her you need to talk to her separately not on this thread


idk how to use pm can you explain it